“We believe shooting makes better people period.”

In 1985 on 100 plus acres, e a U.S. Army Special Forces Sergeant named Robert W. Duhon scratched out a square range 45 minutes north of Dallas, Texas in the rural area of Whitewright. Robert began giving ‘handgun’ instruction to Law enforcement, military, and civilian shooters. 25 plus years and hundreds of shooters later, this facility has expanded to 15 different ranges designed to support shooting handgun, shotgun, and rifle classes simultaneously. A State of the art Texas shooting range. The facility is also designed to meet the needs of local and out of town shooters. A guest house and 600-800 yard rifle ranges as well as pick up and delivery from DFW airport are only a few of the amenities awaiting your requests.


shoot accurately to 600 yards

Who comes to shoot at TPA?

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When you seek firearms training in Texas whether related to gun safety courses, license to carry classes or tactical shooting in Texas, there is really only one choice for success. Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy in Whitewright Texas has served…

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Please find enclosed a disk which contains pictures of a Bighorn Sheel hunt in Nevada. Thank you for the information and training you provided me regarding long range shooting. You have my permission to use the photos; By the way, the shot was made at 398 yards with a significant downwind a 45 degree downward angle. I don’t think I could have made the shot without your Instruction!


A Mountain Reecbuck is a small target, particularly at 325 yds straight uphill. Before taking the long-range rifle course that’s a shot I’d have be very hesitant about taking, but the course gave me the skills to drop this trophy with confldence,with one shot. Thank you Robert Duhon and Texas Pistol Rifle Academy.


The Long Range Rifle Course has helped with my confidence to make shots out to 500 yards and make each shot count.


The breathing technique, and sturdy trigger break I learned at your facility helped me place the bullet exactly where it needed to be, on this Colorodo whitetail, In tough terrain at 220 plus yards.